The Hazard Perception Test

First introduced in 2002, the hazard perception test (HPT) for learners is taken immediately after the multiple choice part of the theory test.

The hazard perception test, consist of a series of 14 video clips which will be played to you on a computer. These HPT clips show real life driving scenes, with each one incorporating various types of so-called "developing hazards" e.g. a person running towards a zebra crossing or another vehicle beginning to pull out into your path.

One of the 14 video clips in the hazard perception test has two hazards that you need to spot. The other clips all have one hazard each. So, in total, there are 15 hazards for you to identify.

To score points for this part of the test, you have to click the mouse button as soon as you see the hazard starting to develop. The earlier you click, the more points you will get. If you click noce and early, you will sore the maximum number of points - which is five. The longer you leave it before spotting the hazard and clicking the button, the less points you will get.

The highest possible score for the HPT part of the theory test is 75, and you need to score at least 44 in order to pass.

In order to pass your driving theory test, you must achieve the required pass mark for both the multiple choice questions and for the hazard perception test - and at the same sitting.

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